‘Dog Is My CoPilot’ nonprofit brings unwanted pets to Colorado

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CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- A plane with some very special cargo landed at the Centennial Airport Sunday morning - dozens of cats and dogs.

Dog Is My Copilot is a nonprofit organization that saves pets from shelters with high risk of euthanasia by flying them to areas where they're more adoptable.

"They're given seven days. On the eighth day if they're not out of the building, they don't make it," said Jamie Roberson of Denver Dachshunds Rescue and Transport.

These cats and dogs were brought from Roswell, New Mexico. Some of them will stay in Colorado, others will be transported to other rescues around the country.

"Now, they'll end up with good homes and all the love they're supposed to get," said Roberson. "They're going to have everything they need and never be in this situation again."

DIMC is based in Wyoming and flies for nonprofit animal rescue organizations in the Rocky Mountain and Pacific West regions. There is no charge to these organizations as the plane flies on public donations alone.

The President of DIMC and the pilot who personally flies these pets, Peter Rork, MD donates his time and plane to save the animals.

If you would like to help Dog Is My Copilot, you can visit their website.