Couple who lived in Greenwood Village home damaged in standoff speak

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GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. -- After the home they lived in was damaged by police and now condemned following a 19-hour standoff, the family spoke to FOX31 Denver about coming to grips with their home left in shambles.

John Lech and his fiance Anna Mumzhiyan were the couple renting the home from John's dad. Ann's 9-year-old son was inside the home when an armed shoplifting suspect broke into the home and barricaded himself inside.

The boy told his parents what he encountered.

"He was holding a hand gun down at his side and looked at him and said 'I don't mean you any harm, I don't want to harm anybody," said Lech.

Police say the alleged shoplifter had four active warrants out for drugs. Throughout the standoff, he fired his gun at officers, didn't listen to commands and would not surrender even after police say they fulfilled two out of three of his demands.

Greenwood Village Police used tear gas, ramming devices and robots, among other means, to open up the house in order to safely get to the suspect. The suspect was taken into custody and no one was injured.

But the family who lived in the home are furious with what they say is the police leaving them "high and dry."

"Basically we were left on the streets and nobody claims responsibility for what they did," said Mumzhiyan.

Lech is glad that his son and two dogs were okay, but moving forward for his family will be much tougher.

Lech says that nobody from the city has reached out to them to offer assistance.

"Basically they came in, they blew up the house then said -- 'Okay, see ya,'" said Lech.

John and Ann are staying with family until they figure out what to do next.

Homeowner's insurance will cover the cost of the structure of the home. There is no word yet on whether or not the city will compensate the family.