Pinpoint Weather Alert Day: Cold temps remain; two chances for light snow

Flooding in Sterling and Logan counties prompts cleanup

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LOGAN COUNTY, Colo. -- Leaders in Sterling and Logan counties monitored flooding in the Sterling area Sunday.

Some residents dealt with water filling up streets, yards and homes.

"It started just pouring in," resident Loretta Turner said.

At about the same time overnight, firefighters knocked on her door.

"He told my husband he wanted us to leave," Turner said.

But they stayed, put some things on higher ground and tried to catch some sleep.

"I told my husband, ‘If we wake up in the morning and we're floating around in the house, well that's fine. I don't care anymore,’” she said.

On Sunday, they cleaned the mess.

"That's the only way we can get it dried. We were moping most of time this morning trying to get some of this water out," Turner said.

Myrna, who lives against the overflowed ditch causing the problems, also tried to get rid of the water.

“You can see in the back it's still a lot of water," Myrna said.

She also ignored the evacuation warning early Sunday morning.

"It's my house and my pets. It's just hard. It's hard to leave home," Myrna said.

She sloshed through the mud digging a trench in her yard preparing for more rain in the next few days.

The city’s Emergency Operations Center did the same.

"The problem we have is it's because we've had so much rain over the last two weeks, the ground is saturated,” Sterling City Manager Don Saling said. “It can't absorb it, so it's basically just running off the land."

The evacuation order was lifted at noon Sunday but hope next time everyone will heed warnings even if it's hard.

"I work very hard to pay for this place so I don't want to think it’s going to be gone," Myrna said.

City and county leaders said they'll monitor weather conditions for as long as needed.

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