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Farm to table movement made easy

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ELIZABETH, Colo. -- It’s a movement that’s becoming more and more popular: farm to table. But, it can also be expensive. While the idea of buying in bulk isn’t new, buying healthier foods from a truck or straight from the farm is increasing in popularity.

“I load it into the trunk for them, they never even get out of the car and it usually takes one minute,” said Jason Quigley with Zaycon Fresh. He’s talking about meat; all kinds of meat, available from the back of a truck.  ”The hamburger I`m carrying now was actually processed a couple hundred miles away in Liberal, Kansas,” he added.

Zaycon Fresh brings fresh meat direct to consumers, cutting out the middle man and saving you money. “With us, it goes straight from the farm, to my truck, to your trunk,” Quigley added.

All you have to do is go online to purchase, and drive up to pick up.

Kate Waters loves it. She said, “The price is really good and it`s actually really good meat. It`s not gristly.”

Zaycon Fresh offers meat from all over the country. But what if you want something a little closer to home? At Lone Star Ranch in Elizabeth, Colorado, there’s about a thousand acres and 30 head of cattle. It’s a budding boutique beef business.

“We can show consumers exactly where the cows are, we`ll actually even let consumers pick their cow,” said Matt Lane. He’s the owner of Lone Star Ranch. His cows are raised without antibiotics, hormones or steroids.  “On top of that we don`t spray our pastures, so there are no nitrates in the soil. It`s about as natural as you can get,” he added.

Lane said he started just raising beef for his family because he wanted grass-fed, grass-finished.  “People started hearing about us, the next thing we know, we’re in the beef business,” he said.

Now you can buy a cow, a side of beef; that’s half; or a quarter, which is what Karissa Gerrard did. She’s a busy working mom and says this makes sense for her family. “The cost outweighed everything, as well as the convenience.” She said her family loves it. “You can definitely tell a difference when we eat that meat compared to the other meat, it definitely tastes a lot better.”

So whether you’re buying in bulk from a delivery truck or straight from the farm, one thing is for sure, you’ll need the freezer space.

Lane’s beef comes out to about seven or eight dollars a pound. He said that’s about half of what you would pay in the store for a similar product.

Zaycon Fresh offers deals, so the best thing to do is check the website because each product is priced differently.

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