Prosecution plays recording of first 911 call at Aurora theater shooting trial

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CENTENNIAL, Colo. — It was an intensely emotional day in the Aurora Theater shooting trial Thursday.

Arapahoe County prosecutors played the first 911 call from inside the theater … gunfire blaring in the background.

"Aurora 911. Where is your emergency? ... I can't hear you ... what address? ... there's gunshots ... what address??"

Testimony during day 17 was also emotional and difficult to listen to.

Holly Akers was in the theater when the shooting started. She described ducking when she heard gunfire. And when she peaked over a ledge, the shooter was right in front of her. "A guy, all in black. Gas mask. Goggles. Helmet."

Also Thursday, the coroner talked about some of the autopsies of the 12 people who died, including 6-year-old Veronica Mosher.

Her father, along with several jurors cried during that testimony.

After the jury left the courtroom for the day, the judge told the prosecution he expects them to wrap up their case by June 23. He then told the defense to be ready to start June 29.

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The trial will resume Tuesday morning after the Memorial Day holiday weekend.