Man wanted for illegally selling fake Louis Vuitton handbags on Denver streets

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DENVER -- Police would like to catch a man accused of selling fake handbags that look like the real, pricey, designer bags. Investigators want your help tracking him down after they say he skipped town.

The Louis Vuitton brand is so popular it has been reproduced on everything from basketballs to birthday cake.

But when a Louis Vuitton store manager walked out of Cherry creek Mall last year she approached Second Avenue. She said she met a man who called himself the "purse guy."

She was not pleased that he was openly selling knock-offs of her brand, so she called police.

It's not illegal to buy a fake bag from someone on the street, but it is illegal to sell them. The Department of Homeland Security says it's about protecting people who do business by the rules. Breaking the law could land you in jail.

Over the past year, Denver Police said they met the man several times in front of a beauty parlor where they bought imitation Louis Vuitton bags.

Finally, after accumulating enough evidence, they busted him in late April.

But before he was actually taken into custody, he moved out of state according to his landlord.

The man who rented the "purse guy" an apartment said, "He was a great guy." The landlord also defended him and his business. "Did he have any shame? No. Nobody does. I don't know what the big deal was."

So what is all of the fuss about?

The real bags are expensive. And those who own them think are proud of it. "It's because it's classic. You can have them for years and it matches with everything," one woman who showed hers off told us.