Flooding forces family to live in barn

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WELD COUNTY, Colo. -- For Amber Davis, all of the water coming into her home can’t be related to all of the recent flooding.

“The local electric company has been boring under the county roads in front of our home,” she said. “We get normal flooding like all our neighbors, but this is anything but normal!”

Calls to the County went unanswered, but Poudre Valley REA Electric did talk with us. They say they are working to help the family, but as of yet, the water is still flowing. In fact so much water that the family has moved into their barn with their calves. They have moved out all their possessions and are building living quarters in the hay loft.

“We just go to school and come home to live in the barn,” said 11-year-old Regin Davis. “We just wish the county would come out and stop the water from flooding our home.”

Others in the area say there is underground water in the area—aquifers—but they say they are not sure if that is the source of the flooding waters at the Davis spread. Still, with all the rain, there is no doubt the level of the water table is higher than in normal years. One neighbor said the level used to be “like five feet deep, now it’s like a foot-and-a-half.”

When and if any help is on the way is up to  Poudre Valley REA and Weld County, which the family said won’t let them dig trenches along side the road to help keep water from flooding their property.