Dylan Redwine case back in spotlight; father says it’s a ‘waste of time’

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DENVER -- Two-and-a-half years after a Colorado teenager vanished while on vacation, his murder case is back in the national spotlight after his parents appeared on a syndicated talk show.

On Wednesday, Dylan Redwine's mother Elaine Redwine shared her thoughts on the investigation and two year-long mystery about her son's disappearance and death.

On the show, Elaine continued to press her ex-husband, Mark Redwine, for answers about the circumstances surrounding the 2012 disapperance.

Dylan Redwine vanished while visiting his father in southwest Colorado for Thanksgiving break. A nationwide search for Dylan ended eight months later after investigators found partial remains in Vallecito, Colorado.

"This in my opinion was a waste of time, the time would have been much better spent, if we were searching for my son's killer," said Mark Redwine, in an interview with FOX31 on Wednesday, the same day Dylan's case appeared on the Dr. Phil show.

A search of the area near where Dylan's remains were found was scheduled for last weekend but was indefinitely postponed because of inclement weather.

A spokesperson for the La Plata County Sheriffs Office stressed the investigation remains ongoing and that both parents remain cooperative with their investigators.