Behind the scenes at the Wild Animal Sanctuary

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KEENESBURG, Colo. – In the coming weeks, 33 newly rescued lions from Peru will call a small town on Colorado’s Eastern Plains their new home.

They’ll be joining other animals who’ve escaped similar fates. Sitting on 720 acres of land, the Keenesburg Wild Animal Sanctuary is currently home to more than 350 lions, tigers, bears and other large animals.

It’s a preserve dedicated to helping animals with terrible backgrounds.

In fact, in order to come in, the animals can’t have lived in the wild.

Wild Animal Sanctuary, Kennesburg, Colo

Tawny Craig spends time with a lion at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colo.

“We’re here to make their life wonderful,” said Tawny Craig, an animal care specialist.

Like many refuge employees, Craig has dedicated a good chunk of her life to helping preserve the animals’ lives.

According to the sanctuary there are roughly 30,000 illegally owned animals in the United States. We’re talking lions, tigers and bears (to name a few).

“There are actually more tigers in private hands in Texas than there are tigers in the wild,” said Craig.

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