Colfax Marathon runners race for a cause

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DENVER -- It is a grueling 26.2 mile stretch from Denver’s City Park, through Mile High and Sloan’s Lake; pushing some of the world’s best runners to get their best time at an elevation of 5280 feet. Many focused on crossing finish-line, but when the race is over – a new race begins.

In a sea of blue tents on the eastern edge of City Park are runners who have done it all for charity. 190 non-profits bring in runners for the event and in return the Colfax Marathon gives the charity a tent, free space and priceless exposure.

"Their responsibility is to bring runners to us; our responsibility is to give visibility to them,"said Jean Townsend, who helps run operations for the charity side of the Colfax Marathon.

The non-profits aimed to educate on the work they do locally, across the U.S. and around the world.

"Colfax Marathon makes it known that we exist," said Marylouise "Duck" White-Petteruti, the Executive Director of Domus Pacis, a respite program for cancer patients.

For a list of charities that participated in 10th annual Colfax Marathon, click here.