Colorado climber home safe from Kathmandu

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DENVER — Each year climbers pay between $40,000 - $80,000 to climb Mt. Everest and some 357 were registered for this climbing season, that was before the April 25th earthquake and avalanche which left some 74-hundred people dead and some 14,500 injured.

One of those lucky to make it off the mountain is Colorado climber, Jon Kedrowski. Friday night, he flew back to Denver after his month-long expedition to Nepal.

“I had a bad feeling about this trip from the beginning,” said Kedrowski. “While making it to the summit in 2012, a second ascent that year was met with deadly weather, seven died on that trek. So, this trip kind of gave me a bad vibe from the start, but I went anyway and am more than glad to be back home for spring time in the Rockies.

Talking to FOX31Denver exclusively, Kedrowski says, “The earth shook and the wall of white snow and ice roared down on the base camp destroying everything in its path.”

While his party was doing survey’s for the USGS, they did get data collected, but were also trapped on the mountain until rescue workers could reach them.

When asked if he will try Everest again he simply laughed and then said, “Maybe I will take long-time friend and fellow climber Chris Tomer along."

Tomer is also a meteorologist here at FOX31. That’s when I warned them about the ‘three strikes and you’re out rule’.

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