Young man represents the 5th generation in his family to graduate from CU-Boulder

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DENVER -- Graduating from CU is a major milestone for every student, but for one Boulder family this weekend will also serve as a mile marker on a road that stretches back five generations.

"It’s an honorable thing to be continue in the path of relatives past," said Derek Miles, who will receive his degree in journalism on Saturday.

For the Miles family, CU yearbooks are a bit more like family history books. "It’s in our blood," said Marty Miles, Derek's grandfather.
When Marty graduated from CU, he was already the third generation.

"I didn’t consider anything but CU," said Marty, who is now 82.

Grandpa Marty credits his great grandfather for starting the tradition after moving to Boulder in 1859. Though he didn't attend the university, he made sure his kids did.

"He was the first Italian in Colorado," Marty said. "Education meant a lot to him. He was very clear."

Marty's grandmother attended CU and his great aunt and great uncle did too, graduating in 1901.

Marty's father graduated in the 1920's, and he joined in during the 50's and 60's. "Of course the school has changed an awful lot," Marty said. "It was 7,000 (students) when I started in 1951."

Derek's uncle was the fourth generation to attend CU. His mother Barb also attended, but she didn't stick around.

"I went to the University of Southern California, finished there, but I did feel guilty," Barb Miles said with a laugh.

Derek took the opposite path, started at the University of Arizona, before transferring to Boulder and continuing the tradition.

"I guess it was Chief Niwot’s curse right?" Derek said. "Boulder… it keeps you coming back."

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