Pueblo freshmen facing felony charges for serving pot cake to unaware peers

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(Photo: CNN)

PUEBLO, Colo. — Two CSU-Pueblo freshmen are facing felony charges for serving a marijuana-infused cake to underage students in April.

Alexandra Sandoval, 19, and Marco Lopez-Diaz, 19, brought a pineapple upside-down cake infused with marijuana to a potluck after a class presentation on April 30, according to the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office.

The two students did not inform the other students that there was pot baked into the cake when they served it, officials said.

Seven students ate the cake, one of whom was a minor. The legal age to consume marijuana is 21.

No students were hurt, but External Director of External Affairs Cora Zalatel told KRDO NewsChannel 13 that students who ate the marijuana cake could face unintended consequences.

“There are employers who do drug testing. You know, a student may have unknowingly partaken in something and it could affect their careers and their jobs,” she told KRDO.

Sandoval and Lopez-Diaz are facing the following charges: seven counts of inducing consumption of controlled substances by fraudulent means and five counts of criminal attempt to induce consumption of controlled substances by fraudulent means.

It will be up to the District Attorney’s Office if it wants to press those charges.

CSU-Pueblo’s Student Judicial Affairs Office will also be involved, KRDO reports.


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