People watch Boulder Creek rise as the rain keeps coming

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BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. -- The recent rain caused Colorado waterways to swell. The Boulder Creek was running higher and faster than normal Thursday.

“It definitely makes me nervous. It makes me nervous for everyone,” said resident Shoney Sien.

Sien walked her dog along Boulder Creek Thursday and couldn’t help but notice the high water.

“I think everybody goes through a little post-traumatic stress when we see the creek begin to rise this high,” said Sien.

She’s talking about post-traumatic stress after the floods back in 2013.

“A block over there was like a river flowing through it,” she said. “It rolled 12 cars down the hill and destroyed them. The water went in one way into houses and came out the other.”

Places like the West Senior Center on Arapahoe have their sandbags out in case of high water.

Despite the gray skies, Beth Miller and her kids went to enjoy the outdoors.  “We just wanted to be close to the river and be able to come outside.”

She’s not worried yet, but she's paying attention. "I’ve been taking note of it and keeping an eye on it the past couple of days,” said Miller.

Miller has come up with a plan in case the rain becomes a problem. “I think ultimately just getting out of town further would be the best option.”

Others like John Cooper haven’t even thought about it. He was the only person tubing down the creek on Thursday. “Today, it’s a good higher than it’s been the last few days."

He said he’ll ride the rapids until it’s shut down. “It’s around 300 cfs (cubic feet per second) right now, and when it gets around 600 or 700, they’ll close the creek and that’s when I generally start to get concerned,” said Cooper.

But for now, as he enjoys the ride, Sien will watch and wait. “I’m sure there are people looking at this creek, thinking, ‘How high is it going to go,’” said Sien.

The City of Boulder said they have not started flood preparations, but officials are monitoring weather conditions.


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