Wild Workouts: Office Workout

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I got some help from Colorado’s Best Host and our resident Fitness Trainer Joana Canals to teach us an office workout that anyone can do… even Tom who loathes working out. Joana tells us that doing 5 min “burst workouts” once every hour throughout the day are invaluable to your health, especially if you have a desk job or sit for extended periods of time. She showed us some easy exercises, some using materials you can find around any office. Use a paper plate for lunges, a ream of paper for some core work, don’t forget to stretch often and go for a walk around the office and up and down stairs. Doing burst workouts maintains muscle, increases blood/ oxygen flow, helps protect against obesity, diabetes and contributes to heart health. You can do these exercises as part of your daily routine with or without a gym membership.  And if you do these exercises you don’t have to worry about missing a gym workout.  They are easy and only take 5 minutes at a time. Doing it will help you with mental clarity and being more productive at work.  So loosen up and work some burst workouts into your work day!