Carjacking suspects crash into building after short chase

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DENVER -- Two carjacking suspects were arrested Friday, accused of crashing the SUV they stole into a building.

Investigators said two suspects carjacked a Nissan X-Tera last week. The SUV was spotted Friday and after a short chase, the driver slammed into a building at West Iliff Avenue and South Kalamath Street. It happened at the emissions testing center.

The suspects ran after the crash.

Carole Warner's son knew there was trouble. "He saw the police cars and people running so he ran in the building and said lock the doors - there's somebody on the loose," she said.

But she was too late. The suspect grabbed her keys from her desk and ran. "I hear they yelling 'mom, they just stole your car.' I'm like, 'no way,'" Warner said.

The suspects sped down South Lipan Street in a black Equinox with police with police coming on both sides.

Neighbors stood around as police boxed them in and held them at gunpoint. They say the suspect in the backseat stole the Nissan at gunpoint several days ago.