Wild Workouts: FIT36

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Kim and I kicked off our shoes at FIT36 on 22nd & Market in Denver for a high intensity workout where you can see how many calories you’re burning as you work out.  FIT stands for Full Intensity Interval Training and 36 because each workout is 36 minutes. The workouts are done barefoot by a majority of clients, though minimalist shoes are allowed if you prefer. Clients also wear heart rate bands that monitor heart rate and calorie burn through class that is displayed on a monitor as you’re working. In the workout featured in this segment my heart monitor reported that I burned *470 calories with 78% effort and Average Heart Rate of 143. (my averages may be slightly lower because I did not take the band off right after the workout. I cooled down first). The workout is a 12 station circuit, each exercise designed to be functional for life outside the gym. Clients go through the circuit twice and they’re done. A trainer demonstrates each station and is there throughout the workout to coach clients through. For more detailed information on the heart rate band system and the gym: fit36fitness.com.


*Calorie burn and heart rate information differ per person. This is based on personal information such as age and weight. If you have health issues, consult your doctor before starting or changing your exercise regimen.

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