Homeless ‘Right to Rest’ bill facing uphill battle in state Legislature

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DENVER -- A bill to help the homeless is facing a rough road in the final days of the state Legislature. The measure is very controversial because it will give the homeless the “right to rest” in public.

The bill would allow homeless people the right to sleep in public areas and not face any punishment. If a homeless person did get a citation, the bill would give them the right to sue the city. That means the homeless would have the right to eat, sleep or ask for money in public.

Supporters say it will go a long way to defeat what they believe is discrimination against the homeless in many cities. Denver passed an urban camping ban a couple of years ago targeting the homeless and is not backing the proposed bill.

Opponents say the measure will do little to help the homeless problem and might only make the situation worse.

The bill is still in committee in the State House and must still face a vote in the Senate.