Large Nepali population in Nederland supporting those impacted by earthquake

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NEDERLAND, Colo. -- Colorado has one of the largest Nepali populations in the country and many local families are waiting to hear from their family members in Nepal after a massive earthquake.

The owners at the Kathmandu Restaurant have been serving customers for 17 years.

"I love this area." Resham Gurung said. "This area looks like my hometown in Nepal."

From the mountains of Nederland, they’re thinking of family in the mountains of Nepal. Gurung first heard about the earthquake from her sister Saturday morning.

"She calls me, ‘Wake up! Nepal is having earthquake!' Our house is gone! We don’t know if our family is gone!'" Gurung said. "She was freaking out."

Gurung finally heard from her family in Kathmandu hours later. They’re OK, but devastation surrounds them.

"They said houses flying," Gurung said. "It’s all dust and smoke. There’s no electric or water, no phone."

Gurung's family, including her 90-year-old father, was living in the street for fear their homes would crumble.

"I hope he’s outside in the street and not inside the house," Gurung said.

Even worse, Gurung's husband Lok Malla said, "they are all outside the house in a tent and it's monsoon season."

Since the initial news, Gurung hasn't talked to family and is worried they don’t have food or water.

"My dad is 90 years old and he doesn't know what to do," Gurung said.

Customers like CU Professor Carole McGranahan stopped by for a hug.

"I wanted to come in and just see them and offer my condolences and tears and love and support," McGranahan said.

McGranahan has done research in Nepal for more than 25 years and has ties there herself.

"It’s horrific to see the devastation," she said.

Now, everyone in Nederland is collecting donations and watching TV for updates praying for their loves ones in Nepal.

“I don’t care about the house and I don’t care about other things, just my family safe,” said Gurung.