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ESPN reporter suspended after berating tow lot attendant on camera

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WARNING: The video contains obscene language

WASHINGTON — It’s a weeks-old video that began making the rounds on the Internet on Thursday. And it has taught a young ESPN reporter that being in the news entitles you to nothing but criticism and repercussions when you’re caught on camera berating another human being.

The video shows 28-year-old Britt McHenry, who currently works for ESPN’s Washington bureau, furiously lambasting an Arlington, Va., tow lot employee.

For what it’s worth, this particular tow company, Advanced Towing, is not above reproach.  Earlier this month, investigated the company for disreputable business practices. The story involved a tweet from McHenry about her experiences with the company.

That tweet — along with another deleted one — seems to have connected the dots to McHenry’s now-infamous tirade, which was caught on a security camera and posted to Live Leak on Thursday.

The video begins with McHenry informing the tow lot attendant, who has since been identified by as Gina Michelle, that she “is in the news.” A lawsuit threat follows in the next sentence.

“I will f****** sue this place,” McHenry says.

It doesn’t get any prettier from there.

In addition to insulting Michelle’s dental hygiene, McHenry also insults her body and intelligence — this all in spite of the fact Michelle seems to tell McHenry she is being taped.

McHenry has publicly apologized for her remarks and been issued a one-week suspension from ESPN.

It was not immediately clear if McHenry also apologized to Michelle personally.

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