K-HIGH: 24-hour pot radio station fires up in Colorado Springs

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K-HIGH personalities Diablo, far left, Tre and Les, far right, with two guests from a Colorado Springs dispensary. (Photo: Facebook / K-HIGH)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado’s budding marijuana industry will soon have a new home on your radio dial. And to say they’re leaning into their new material might be an understatement.

Enter the re-branded Colorado Springs station K-HIGH, which has found a home on the AM station 1580 for listeners down south (not be be confused with KHIH, an internet radio station playing contemporary jazz in Denver).

Speaking to Westword, the station’s program director program director Len Williams seemed to be addressing anyone who would doubt the sincerity of this new venture.

“This is the real deal,” Williams said. “No stunts, nothing of that nature. I’ve been part of a few of those, and they didn’t turn out so well.”

The AM station was previously branded KREL, and it’s is owned by Pilgrim Communications and operated by SoCo Radio. The station has previously hosted a wide variety of content, including news and sports, but most recently it was serving as a Fox Sports affiliate.

Failing to generate the kind of ratings they wanted with that content, Williams told Westword that it was the station’s general manager who came up with the idea to morph into an haven on the airwaves for the state’s legal marijuana industry.

Three shows will anchor the station’s lineup: a “Wake ‘N Bake” morning show, a “High Noon” daytime show and “High Drive,” an afternoon drive show.

The stations new personalities range from Tre, a former pot grower and dispensary manager, to Les, who Williams described as a pot “novice,” to Bubba Kushman, who Williams described as the station’s “functioning stoner.”

Last but not least, the station will also be providing a platform for the “Weed Pimps,” who will host the afternoon drive show. The foursome are visible marijuana industry advocates, who do most of their marketing through concert promotions and clothing sales.

There has been some speculation about how the station will supplement its talk show content (Bob Marley, Pink Floyd or Dr. Dre, anyone?), but it seems relatively certain the station will target the state’s dispensaries for advertising dollars, as most of those businesses have experienced difficulties securing ad spots with traditional media outlets.

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