Sarah Thomas to be first full-time female NFL official

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DENVER —One of the worst kept secrets of the week, will Sarah Thomas become the NFL’s first full-time official? The league, trying to rebound from a crazy season, which saw new penalties for players who harm women, probably thinks some diversity will help with the image of the league—at least with women who love the game.

“We think it’s awesome!” said Ashley Diggins a soccer/real football mom. “She will have her hands full with all the language players use, with all the real-man attitude they display and all the coaches who try to intimidate refs over every call made on the field.”

Jeff Wood assigns more than 1,000 referees around the metro area, he understands the mentality it takes just to be a male official. But, when it comes to a woman taking on the NFL, he says she’s got her work cut out.

“I think there are women who can do it, but they have to be tough, they will have to put up with some tremendous pressure over every call they make, both from players and coaches,” said Wood.

Lisa Conley hopes to make it to the NBA, she too says, “It’s all about being able to ref the game and making sure you assess the situation correctly while making the right call.”

The league indicates they might have news on who the eight new refs will be for the upcoming NFL season, by mid-week.

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