Accused DUI driver who crashed into house had 5-year-old son in car

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LONGMONT, Colo. -- A local mother faces a long list of charges after allegedly driving drunk, fleeing the scene of an accident and then crashing into a home in Longmont.

That’s just the beginning of the troubles for 25-year-old Kendra Trimm. She also faces child abuse and reckless endangerment charges after police discovered that her five year old son was along for the ride.

When Isaac Newland and his wife sat down for supper with their two young children on Wednesday, they had no idea that a DUI hit-and-run was about to come knocking.

“Tires screeching, it sounded like some shouting, and then a super loud crunch,” Newland said. “I came out to see if anyone was hurt, which nobody was amazingly enough.”

Photos of the car, taken by Longmont Police, show the Newlands’ brick pillar smashed the roof of the car but somehow fell right between all four passengers. Everyone inside was okay and by the time Newland walked outside several of the passengers were running away.

“You’re like … ‘What do I do now?’ Just hope the police show up really soon,” Newland said.

One of the female passengers in the car got away. Another female passenger got into a car with several more people. Police later caught up with the car and arrested all of the occupants on several charges, including outstanding warrants and possession of a meth pipe.

Neighbors say the driver, Kendra Trimm, approached them as police were closing in, asking if she could leave her five-year-old son with them as she fled. The neighbors refused and officers soon arrested her.

She faces several charges including leaving the scene of an accident, DUI, child abuse and reckless endangerment.

“If they had been to the left or to the right, I mean, they would have gone right through the garage or…”

The ‘or’ is the part Newland doesn’t like to think about.

“My son spends most of his time running in circles around our house, he’s four years old, so if we hadn’t been sitting down to dinner he could have been (by the door) playing,” Newland said. “It definitely could have been a lot worse.”

But Newland says that’s not his biggest concern.

“It was very sad to know that her four or five year old son was in the car with her and that she was drinking at, whatever, 5:30 or 5:45 at night,” Newland said. “That’s just the sad part.”

Police say Trimm’s son was not injured. He is now in the custody of relatives.​