‘You take that uniform off!’ Panhandler called out as a fake by real veteran

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TAMPA, Fla. -- A veteran called out a panhandler wearing a military uniform Sunday, and it was all caught on a now-viral video.

WFTS reports veteran Garrett Goodwin, who served as an Army combat medic from 1994 through 2003, was driving to MacDill Air Force Base when he noticed the man. Goodwin also noticed a JROTC patch on his uniform, and that raised a red flag.

Goodwin is heard on the video asking the man for his veterans ID card. When the man says he doesn’t have one, the veteran asks him to take off his uniform, following him and pressing him until the man appeared to retreat.

“I’m about public safety and public service, and when it comes to the military, seeing people in uniform that, you know, we bled, sweat, cried and burned through,” Goodwin told WFTS. “It disgusts me.”

Goodwin posted the video on his Facebook page and has since garnered praise for exposing the man but many also called him a bully.