Unique 2 Colorado: River Rim Teardrops

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For many folks tent camping isn’t for them, or has become a thing of the past. If you’re looking for a lightweight, well-built camper you can pull with your car… look no further. I caught up with Tim Rossiter of Dolores, CO who’s remaking those classic teardrops with his own modern twist. River Rim Teardrops come in a variety of colors and custom options and have modern features like a solar battery, LED lights, and USB Ports. Tim is working with Governor Hickenlooper to build a larger manufacturing warehouse and is hoping his company will boost his local economy and put people to work. It’s important to him to teach locals a skill they can use for life. Though several dealers have offered to carry River Rim Tearsdrops on their lots, he doesn’t want to lose the personal experience.  If you want a quality camper and in turn support a local community, River Rim Teardrops is the choice for you. For more info or to order go to: http://riverrimteardrops.com/ 


*Tim and his wife, Peggy would like to thank CNG Healthcare for submitting River Rim Teardrops for consideration for the Governors State of the State Address.