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North Carolina father writes ‘My Grades Matter’ on son’s new $300 Air Jordans

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Kurin Keys was not pleased with his 14-year-old son’s report card, so the North Carolina father got his point across in a creative way.

“His report card wasn’t reflective of what we’re doing in our household,” Keys said. “It just wasn’t reflective of the fact that we have running water, lights, Internet and a bunch of other things that I didn’t have as a kid.”

Instead of imposing punishment on his son, Keys decided to write “My Grades Matter” on the son’s new $300 Air Jordan 11s as a constant reminder that grades come first.

In a viral video posted to YouTube and Facebook, Keys explains his reasoning behind the “My Grades Matter” writing.

“Every day until those grades are A, B’s,” Keys said in the video. “I don’t care about what I spent on the shoes; I need this message to come across every day he looks down at his feet.”

The hashtag #MyGradesMatter has gone viral on social media, encouraging other parents and students to put grades first.