Aurora investigates police impersonator who stopped woman on I-225, stole her wallet

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AURORA, Colo. -- A woman reported a fake police officer stopped her and stole her wallet in Aurora Monday afternoon.

She said she was driving southbound on I-225 from I-70 when an unmarked, black Dodge Challenger with dark-tinted windows pulled up closely behind her. Red and blue flashing lights located on the black cars dashboard were turned on.

The alleged victim pulled over since she thought a police officer was stopping her.

The Dodge Challenger stopped behind her. The narrative about what happened continued in a press release:

"The driver of the vehicle approached her window and demanded her driver’s license without providing a reason for the stop. The suspect then returned to his vehicle for approximately ten minutes and returned back to the driver side window and asked the victim to turn off her vehicle and demanded her car keys. The victim complied and turned the keys over to the suspect at which point he returned to his vehicle for several more minutes before coming back to the victim’s vehicle and ordering her to get out of the vehicle."

"The victim complied with the orders and exited her vehicle. The suspect then told her that he would be searching her vehicle and proceeded to do so. At this point, the victim was at the rear of her vehicle and noticed a secondary suspect seated in the passenger side of the unmarked Dodge Challenger. The suspect searched the vehicle and took the victim’s wallet and an electronic item before leaving the scene."

Here is the main suspect's description according to the woman:

  • Hispanic male
  • 25-30 years old
  • 5'7" tall
  • Clean-shaven
  • Short, dark brown hair
  • Hazel eyes
  • Dark-colored or black uniform
  • No insignia, shoulder patch, badge or name plate
  • Full-fingered gloves resembling weight lifting gloves
  • Holstered handgun on belt and pair of handcuffs

The second suspect was described to be a younger male and appeared to be wearing a similar dark color uniform top.

The Aurora Police Department said unmarked police vehicles are used in Aurora and by law enforcement agencies across Colorado.

If one stops you and you're not sure if it's an actual police officer, slow down, use your turn signal and pull into a heavily populated area. Pull into a well-lit parking lot if it's at night. You can always call 911 to find out if an actual officer has stopped you.

All Aurora officers must carry their badge and identification card while on-duty.

Anyone with information about this particular case can call Detective Graw at 303-739-1838.