Suspect charged with attempted murder in motorcycle vs. car collision

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AURORA, Colo. -- A man was arrested Saturday after allegedly causing his girlfriend's car to collide with a motorcyclist with whom he was having a heated exchange, police said.

Michael Hall of Aurora was riding in the passenger seat of his girlfriend's Chrysler about 4:40 when he became engaged in a dispute with the rider of a Honda CBR 600, police said. At some point, police said, Hall reached over and jerked the wheel, causing the car and motorcycle to collide. The rider suffered serious injuries.

Hall faces charges of assault and attempted murder.

On Sunday, the family of Hall's girlfriend Danielle Buffum suggested that there was more to the story, and that Buffum's alleged actions may have been an attempt to avoid an accident. Buffum's father said the motorcyclist was driving aggressively and created a dangerous situation.