Delays grow for people wanting permits to ‘scrape and build’ new homes

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DENVER -- Right now people wanting to buy a property—with house intact—are being told if they plan to scrape the home to build new, the wait for a permit could be up to three months due to all the construction activity in the city.

“We have projects ready to go, but with the backlog, it makes it tough to project how long it will take to begin the process,” said Dave Jackson of Jackson Design Builds in Centennial. “When the market took a hit in 2011, the city only issued some 92 permits, but last year we saw the number climb to 373, but with inspectors so busy, projects are on hold.”

In almost every neighborhood there are scrapes and pop-top projects underway, in spite of the backlogs. Many are simply taking tops off and using the old first floor, to take advantage of tax breaks in some cases. But, others have bought a property, then taken homes down, getting ready to build new.

“When people rebuild from the ground up, they need to make the home worth at least a million to balance the finances out, a costly proposition but one that will allow them to live in one of Denver’s historic old neighborhoods,” said Jackson.

Best way to go, check with a realtor or developer to make sure you won’t lose money on your project before spending any money.