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RTD proposes fare increase, simplified fare structure

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EDGEWATER, Colo. -- RTD is looking to hike its prices early next year. Monday was the first of 16 public hearings giving commuters a look at RTD's proposed fare changes.

"Our goal has been to simplify our fare structure and to make it affordable and accessible to everyone," said Pauletta Tonilas, RTD spokeswoman.

Current RTD prices for one way bus and light rail, 1-2 zones, is $2.25. Under the new proposal a local, single boarding pass will cost $2.60.

RTD says you could save money by purchasing a local day pass for $5.20. It doesn't matter if you're riding a local bus or train.

See a detailed look at RTD's proposed fares here.

"If you want to ride transit five times a day, eight times a day, you're just going to pay that $5.20 for that local fare,"said Tonilas.

The new pricing structure doesn't sit well with everyone though. At RTD's first public hearing in Edgewater, attendees were worried it would affect low income families and working individuals who rely on public transportation.

"RTD is nickeling and diming its riders. We should admit $2.60 is a pretty ridiculous price," said Julio Trujillo.

RTD will continue to look at its low-income fare structure.

Officials said it has been five years since the transit agency has increased fares.

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