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City looks into lack of public restrooms problem in downtown Denver

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DENVER -- Downtown Denver is a great place to go, unless you have to "go" to the bathroom.

The fact is there aren't very many places for people to go, so the city is looking at ways to handle this potty problem.

Public restrooms are not very plentiful downtown. The ones inside restaurants and stores are for customers only.

"There hasn't been a big need for it in the past, but we're looking into it now because we've heard from the community that there is a big need for it," said Denver Public Works spokeswoman Heather Burke.

Using a neighborhood dumpster isn't such a good idea. Denver police issued 550 misdemeanor citations for urinating in public in 2014. A judge decides how much the violation costs.

Some businesses are OK with non-customers using their restrooms, like the Hard Rock Cafe on the 16th Street Mall. “We're never going to turn anybody away especially on the weekends, Friday and Saturday nights have a lot of folks coming in at all hours, just want to come in see Hard Rock, see the memorabilia and use our restroom, and we're fine with that," John Lindsay of Hard Rock Cafe said.

"It's definitely on the city's radar. We have a working group that's looking at different options for public restrooms," Burke said.

It's interesting to note that 60 percent of those cited for public urination in 2014 were classified as non-homeless.

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