Colorado rescue groups airlift New Mexico dogs

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CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- About 35 special fliers made their way off of the Cessna 260 at the TAC Air Terminal in Centennial Wednesday. The pooches are rescue dogs from Roswell, New Mexico which just escaped a much worse fate, as city leaders have all but declared war on dogs which have seemingly overrun the tiny town.

“We know a couple of dogs attacked a boy just about a year ago, the dogs were killed and the boy is doing fine—in fact his injuries were very minor—but that incident touched off a fire storm over stray dogs,” said Suzanne Lively. “No one spays or neuters their cats or dogs in the dusty town, meaning the pet population is out of control. So, that is why the Mayor is ordering many to be put down.”

But, here in Colorado and Utah … folks love their dogs and in fact will take care of them, along with spaying and getting them fixed to control populations.

These flying dogs will be placed in foster homes until deemed ready for adoption, a much better way to live their lives than running from authorities who have decided enough is enough in the border town.

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