WATCH: David Copperfield takes terminally ill boy on personal tour of Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS — Aiden Davis, 10, learned recently that his life will probably be cut tragically short.

Aiden was diagnosed with cancer at age 3, and doctors recently learned that it had spread to the boy’s pelvis, according to the Facebook page “Prayers for Aiden Davis.” The condition is terminal.

Aiden’s parents told their son they would do everything they could to grant any wishes he had before his time was up. He said he only had three: a party for his fourth grade class, a sleepover with one of his friends, and the chance to see magician David Copperfield perform in Las Vegas.

Word began to spread on social media, begging Copperfield to help. He did. But the illusionist offered much more than tickets to one of his normal shows: He loaded the family into his limo and took them out to see Vegas the way a high-roller does.