Police, community meet after 4 murders in Denver this weekend

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DENVER -- Denver police and others in the community met with citizens in east Denver Monday night who are concerned about the deadly gun violence in several communities around the city this past weekend.

It started early Sunday with a shooting in the 6700 block of East Cedar Avenue, then there was a shooting near East 32nd Avenue and Pontiac Street Sunday night. Two hours later there was a shooting at East 34th Avenue and Race Street, and early Monday gunfire happened near West 19th Avenue and Depew Street.

A Navy medic who lives near the shooting scene on East Cedar Avenue tried to help two people who were shot. He wanted to keep his identity concealed. "When I got there, I saw the hole in the guy's head ... not breathing ... knew there was nothing I could do [except] get the girls to safety as fast as I could."

The girls at a party there did get to safety. Both shooting victims died.

A third person died at Pontiac Street. "I'm gonna' say ambush, not sure what it could be," said a neighbor. The man who died there was in town for a baby shower.

A fourth person was killed in gun violence on Depew Street early Monday morning.

It was enough to catch the attention of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Police Chief Robert White who met with the media Monday afternoon.

White said three of the four killings were gang-related violence.

He attended a community meeting Monday night with leaders in the city. He told the crowd the majority of violent crime this year has happened in east Denver. There have been a total of 12 murders in Denver so far in 2015.

Community leaders at the meeting said these latest shootings are not isolated and the violence is a major problem for the city.