Plane headed to Kansas City forced to return, land at DIA

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DENVER -- A plane en route to Kansas City, blew a tire and took an emergency landing at Denver International Airport on Saturday.

“Here`s the situation. We just blew a tire, we're going to have to go back to Denver, it's going to take a little bit and they told us we're going to have to brace. I don`t know if that's a good thing. What do you think? No.”

Danny Dodge could see that blown tire clearly from his seat but he says he felt it first.

“It was loud, I mean it literally sounded like we had hit a ledge or something. The whole plane jerked, the wheels started rattling and it became dead silent inside the plane,” said Dodge.

The crew told the passengers they'd be circling DIA to burn fuel. and a short time later as the crew reminded them to brace and keep their heads down, Danny captured the tense landing.

Dodge said, “I’ve got to say the pilot did a darn good job when he was flying in on that thing. I don`t know how he made it as smooth as he did.”

Emergency crews in Denver helped the passengers off the plane and onto a bus back to the airport.

“Everyone became friends immediately. Any boundaries between you was gone. It was, now we`re in this together.”

And they were together again a few hours later on their way to Kansas City.

Luckily, the second plane made it safely, without complication to Kansas.

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