Self-defense easy to learn to protect yourself from an attacker

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DENVER -- Denver Police are still looking for a man they say may be responsible for at least seven gropings in the City Park area since January. Many of the attacks happened in broad daylight.

Fitness in the City, in Denver, offers a self-defense class to help prepare men and women for a worst-case scenario situation. Lewi Gault, a personal trainer and self-defense teacher said, "It's all based on leverage and technique rather than strength and size."

One technique he teaches is getting out of a choke hold by grabbing the weakest fingers of the attackers. Gault said, "Reach back, grab my pinky fingers and then just jam them down.” He added, "Most of these techniques we go through are actually pretty simple and people are like ‘nah!’”

One move he called the “hitchhiker” involves the attacker grabbing the victim by the wrist from behind. In one swift move, the victim swivels his or her own arm toward the attacker to break the attacker’s grasp.

Gault has many moves to combat the ten most used attack stances. But he said, just like everything else, the more you practice the more it commits to muscle memory, so you’ll be able to use it.

"It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, what your background is, whether you're male or female, you could be a victim."

Fitness in the City is offering a self-defense class on March 21.

Colorado Krav Maga is also offering self-defense classes throughout April.

There are also several other locations, including Denver Police that are offering classes throughout March and April.

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