Brooklyn teenager partially paralyzed after eating pot brownie

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NEW YORK — A teen in Brooklyn was paralyzed after purchasing what she thought was a normal brownie.

Allison Buchanan said her daughter Danieel actually purchased a marijuana brownie by accident.

“She ate part of the brownie, shared it with two other students and got sick,” Buchanan told PIX11. “Around 11 a.m. the school called me. They said she had high blood pressure and her heart was racing and they were taking her to the emergency room.”

Danieel was later released from the hospital.

When Danieel got home she wasn’t able to walk so her mother took her to another area hospital.

The 17-year-old has been paralyzed ever since.

“She’s not able to walk. She can’t stand. She can’t sit up…They have never seen anything like this before,” Danieel’s mother told PIX11.

She said doctors only found marijuana in her daughter’s system. The doctors are still unsure whether an allergic reaction to the brownie caused the partial paralysis.

Now Buchanan’s insurance company has denied her coverage for Danieel’s rehab.

The 18-year-old accused of selling the marijuana brownie to Danieel has been suspended from the high school.

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