Lakewood man’s persistence rejects potential settlement with UPS

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- UPS has paid off a claim by Shawn Wetherell to the tune of $2,300, for a shipment of family heirlooms that arrived damaged and broken. But Wetherell says the drama he had to go through since last January when he shipped nine boxes, which were packed by UPS and covered by their insurance, has left him simply shaking his head.

“I have been on the phone and email with customer service for three months,” said Wetherell. “They have in effect stonewalled me, hoping I will get tired of trying to get them to settle my claim. But, they don’t know I will not quit my effort to get value for my family treasures.”

Wetherell has lost priceless clocks, steins, framed pictures and more. He says the settlement, which took months to get to him, can’t replace what he says UPS has destroyed. He just wonders how many others, whose items have been trashed, have given up the fight with Big Brown just because the process can be so overwhelming.

“I would think the insurance I took out on the items should be honored,” the Lakewood man said. “I just want them to own up to what they have done and that is take memories from me that I can’t replace.”