Denver auctions some of the animals in its bison herd

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DENVER -- A 41-year tradition continued at Genesee Park, with the annual spring bison auction of 30 yearlings.

“This herd has its roots with prized buffalo from Yellowstone Park,” said top-wrangler Matt Brown. “The lines of this combined Daniels and Genesee Parks herd are spectacular, ranchers are getting prized stock, that’s why they come year after year.”

The auction—conducted by Rich Schur—is a way for ranchers to re-stock and develop a clean line of cattle on their ranches. Some will be used for breeding, others will go to feed, where they will become some of the best bison meat you can buy.

“We will take 15 to our North Dakota feed lot, where we will let the bulls get to about 1,200 pounds … the cows will grow to about 900 pounds before they will grace tables around the world,” said Chad Bullinger of High Plains Bison.

The auction was done in about 40 minutes. And now, the circle of life will begin again on the high plains along I-70 near Chief Hosa Campgrounds.

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