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The Great Colorado Payback might owe you money

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DENVER -- Like the James Brown song, Colorado is singing the praises of reuniting residents with unclaimed property with the Great Colorado Payback program.

“We have more than $700 million in money and property in the state vault at the Capitol,” said director Patty White. “In the past 30 years citizens have claimed more than $300 million--$30 million alone last year. We hope to give back more than that number this year.”

But, the only way money with your name on it can find its way back to you, is for you to go on the state’s Payback website … type in your name and hope it shows up with dollars next to your handle.

“I have had success in other states I have lived in,” said Dan Russell. “In one case it was an old insurance policy payoff, and in another it was money left to me when my grandmother died.”

When we visited St. Mark’s Coffee House on 17th Tuesday, many folks got on their computers after we explained what the program is all about and how it can mean unexpected jackpots for those with money in the vault.