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Texas Police parody Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln commercial

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CEDAR HILL, Texas, — The Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial has already been spoofed by SNL and Ellen DeGeneres.

Now a Texas police department is in on the fun.

By now many of you have seen the popular Lincoln commercial starring Matthew McConaughey.

He rides around looking dapper and speaking about abstract thoughts, that can be interpreted however you want.

The full commercial was posted on Lincoln Motor Co.’s YouTube account:

Now, meet Cedar Hill police sergeant Larry Wise’s version.

“You don’t get into police work ’cause it makes sense. You do it ‘cause you thought it really looked cool on TV. Or cause med school was just out of the question,” the parody commercial said.

With a little a bit of humor and that Texas drawl, the police sergeant’s parody video is going viral.

“It was supposed to be just an in house video for our awards banquet,” said Sgt. Larry Wise with Cedar Hill Police.

But the likes on Facebook and views on YouTube are racking up.

Making this spoof one of the funnier things we’ve seen any cop around North Texas do lately.

“There’s always a way to see the funny aspects of life,” Sgt. Wise said.

That’s exactly the message Sgt. Wise is hoping to spread with the video.

In a time when communities and local police are clashing almost daily,  he said this should show many of them are community members with a sense of humor like the rest of us.

“We laugh at the same things, we enjoy the same things, and no we’re not just robots programmed to ticket and arrest,” he said.

They also aren’t Matthew Mc Conaughey, but some are halfway decent actors.

“I like being in here driving around all night long contemplating the important questions in life,” the commercial said.

The full Cedar Hill Police video as posted on YouTube is below: