Moving day for patients, staff at St. Anthony North Hospital is quite an undertaking

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DENVER -- It takes a lot of coordination and expertise to move more than 60 patients from one hospital to another, but the team at St. Anthony North Hospital  did it with ease.

Fourteen ambulances, Flight for Life, 40 hospital staff workers and others worked together to move more than 60 patients from 84th Avenue to the beautiful new state of the art campus on 144th Avenue near I-25.

After doing a mock transfer to work out the logistics, the team carefully moved patients from intensive care and emergency as well as new moms and their babies.

The new St. Anthony North Health Campus has 92 inpatient beds, a 20-room intensive care unit, 12-room birthing center and  a 7,000 square foot outdoor sanctuary.

Patient Vonnie Hocker says the staff did a wonderful job making patients comfortable during the move. “It is hard enough moving a household  let alone patients and machinery and doctors.”

Patients who woke up in rooms with linoleum floors in the old hospital would go to sleep Tuesday night in elegant spacious dwellings with hardwood floors, stunning artwork and enough room for family and other visitors to be comfortable as well.

The new campus features a glass lobby with 25-foot tall living trees, modern fireplaces, water structures and a community garden for patients and others to enjoy.

New mom Ayla Knowles delivered her new son Tyler in the old hospital, then made the move the next day.

She said, “We were all safe and sound Tyler and I settled right in,” after a comfortable ride in the ambulance.

Thanks to the size of the birthing suite, Ayla’s husband Brent and little Tyler’s big sisters are able to relax and enjoy lots of family time.

The hospital provided transferred patients with gift baskets and the new moms received an infant car seat as well.

The old hospital at 2551 W. 84th Avenue will now be used as a neighborhood health center.