Bonfils Blood Center has urgent need for blood donations

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Blood donation at Bonfils. Photo credit: Buckley Air Force Base

(Photo: Buckley Air Force Base)

DENVER — Bonfils Blood Center said Tuesday its supply of blood was critically low and it is asking O-negative donors to help with new donations.

The recent extended period of cold and snow forced and patient needs have created the emergency.

“Last week, snow-related weather conditions canceled or delayed 14 blood drives across the state, preventing Bonfils from collecting more than 300 donations. Bonfils needs to collect more than 3,000 blood donations each week to meet patient needs at more than 100 hospitals in Colorado and beyond and to be ready for the unexpected,” a statement from Bonfils said.

O-negative blood is especially crucial because it is the only blood type that can be transfused into patients in need before their own blood type is determined.

Donors can be as young as 16 with parental permission. To check eligibility and review the list of pre-screening questions, call the Bonfils Donor Relations department at 303-363-2202 or 800-365-0006, option 1 or visit the Bonfils website.