Toll on new U.S. 36 Express Lanes could be as high as $14

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DENVER -- The commute between Denver and Boulder is about to get pricier for drivers who use the new Express Lanes when they open on U.S. 36.

The first phase of the new lanes are set to open this summer.

During rush hour the one-way toll charge would be as high as $13.83 for drivers using the lanes.

Colorado Department of Transportation spokeswoman Amy Ford said if the price is set too high, the lanes won't get used, and that won't be good. But she said if the price is too low, then the lanes will be too crowded and that won't help the traffic flow.

There are other, less expensive fees planned based on the time of day motorists travel on the express lanes and traffic conditions.

A public hearing about the proposal is scheduled Tuesday at 10 a.m. It's at CDOT headquarters at 4201 E. Arkansas Ave. in Denver.