Boulder IceBusters need help clearing snow for seniors, disabled residents

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BOULDER, Colo. -- After several days of heavy snowfall, the City of Boulder is temporarily lifting requirements to get sidewalks cleared within 24 hours of the last snowfall.

The measure, which went into effect over the weekend, was the first time the city had relaxed the rules in at least four years. Residents are normally required to clear their public sidewalks quickly after a storm or could potentially face a fine.

However, the rule changes aren't slowing the work of a Boulder based nonprofit that offers to help seniors and disabled residents clear their sidewalks.

The group IceBusters, operated by Boulder County Care Connect, is still enlisting the help of volunteers before the next snowstorm.

"A lot of them are not able to shovel for themselves, or able to afford to have anyone shovel for them, it's critical," said Greg Lim, the director of the IceBusters program. The group is in desperate need of volunteers because demand continues to outpace their volunteer supply.

If you're interested in helping or donating to the program click here.

If you'd like to reach the group by phone, you can call  303-443-1933 during regular business hours.