TODAY: Snowiest February, DPS Apology, Llamas on the Run

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10 Things to Know Today

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DENVER — Here are your 10 Things to Know for Friday, Feb. 27, 2015.

1. Pattern of cold and snow to remain for days; Denver sets mark for snowiest February

Denver broke the record for the snowiest February. Denver has received 22.2 inches of snow at the official reporting station at Denver International Airport this month, breaking the previous record of 22.1 inches in 1912.

2. Law requiring snow tires in Colorado mountains takes step forward in legislature

Colorado is one step closer to a law requiring snow tires or chains for all vehicles in the Interstate 70 mountain corridor throughout the winter months.

3. Excused Aurora theater shooting juror suggests hanging as penalty option

A potential juror in the Aurora theater shooting  case was excused after he wrote on a questionnaire to “Hang his a**” in reference to James Holmes.

4. DPS Superintendent Boasberg apologizes for late announcement of school closures

Denver Public Schools apologized for announcing so late that schools would be closed Thursday. The announcement did not go out until well after many parents had left their homes to take their children to bus stops.

5. Former Boulder police chief reveals interesting things behind JonBenet Ramsey case

Former Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner took to Reddit for the first time and was candid in answering questions about the JonBenet Ramsey case.

6. Vandals hit Jefferson County golf course, cause thousands in damage to golf carts

Vandals hit the Meadows Golf Club in Jefferson County twice this month, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

7. Democrats squash GOP bill to restrict Colorado abortion providers

In what has become an annual tradition at the Capitol, a Democrat-controlled committee again voted down a GOP proposal seeking to establish personhood and impose new restrictions on abortion providers.

8. FCC adopts historic net neutrality rules to more strictly regulate the Internet

The Federal Communications Commission has passed a historic measure to more strictly regulate the Internet. The new rules, known as “net neutrality,” act to provide equal opportunity for Internet speeds and access to websites.

9. ISIS using Disney movie to recruit young women

ISIS is known for using Western culture in its recruiting tactics along with strong social media campaigns that appeal to youth. But now there’s word a Disney movey, Mulan to be specific, being used as a tool to recruit young women.

10. Twitter users join chase for llamas on the lam in Arizona

Two llamas were on the loose in Sun City, Ariz., with TV cameras following them as law enforcement closed in. It didn’t take long before Twitter joined in the hunt. #Llamas became a trending topic worldwide.