TODAY: Aurora Homicide, Avalanche Danger, Octopus Devours Crab

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10 Things to Know Today

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DENVER — Here are your 10 Things to Know for Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015.

1. Man stabbed to death in Aurora; second suspicious death at same quadplex in 5 months

The Aurora Police Department was investigating a stabbing homicide. Police responded to a call just before 2:30 a.m. at a quadplex in the 1400 block of Lima Street.

2. Wildlife officials warn of increased coyote sightings in Boulder

With increased coyote activity reported in some Boulder neighborhoods, wildlife officials warned residents to protect their pets, “haze” coyotes that might be seen in the city and avoid feeding wildlife.

3. One month later, Stock Show hit-and-run victim struggling to recover

A Denver man remains bed-ridden nearly a month after a driver hit him and left him for dead. It happened the last day of the Denver Stock Show and the 71-year-old is barely on the road to recovery.

4. Man claims he can make weapons inside airport terminals; TSA not worried

Denver International Airport ranked fifth in the nation for confiscating firearms in 2014, with 70 guns recovered.  But one security researcher says you don’t have to sneak anything past security to get a small bomb on board a plane.

5. Skier killed in avalanche near Aspen Mountain

A skier died in an avalanche near Aspen Mountain in Pitkin County. The the snow slide happened outside the boundary of the Aspen Mountain Ski Resort and it involved two skiers, one of whom survived.

6. Temperatures drop into single digits; two new storms forecast

Most of the main roads will be in good shape but snow and cold will return by Wednesday, with snow developing around the lunch hour. Denver could get 2-4 inches of snow by early Thursday with another storm in the forecast for the weekend.

7. Area around Denver police substation evacuated; bomb squad clears scene

The area around a police substation was evacuated after police arrested a suspicious person who was reportedly armed with two guns.

8. Owners: Delta Airlines lost multiple Westminster show dogs on flight

The owners of several dogs returning from the Westminster Dog Show in New York say Delta Airlines lost their animals at JFK Airport.

9. Oscars stage becomes political soapbox for stars

Hollywood stars turned the stage into a soapbox at the Oscars on Sunday night, advocating on issues ranging from NSA surveillance to equal pay; the Voting Rights Act to immigration reform.

10. Terrifying octopus leaps out of water to chase down and devour crab

An octopus was caught on camera exploding out of a tidepool, spearing a razor-sharp beak into a crab’s body and wrestling the helpless crustacean back into the water to suck out its innards.