Mother dog, puppy stuffed in sandbag and thrown from car; puppy dies

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SANTA CRUZ, Calif. —  Animal care workers in Santa Cruz County need the public’s help.

They want to find the person who stuffed two dogs in a sandbag, then tossed them out of the car.

The dogs were found at the end of Minto Road in Watsonville.

This miniature pinscher mix appears to be doing better.

She arrived at the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter three days ago after she and her puppy were found dumped on the side of a Watsonville Road.

“She’s starting to eat better than she was in the beginning. She was very–just wanting to stay in her kennel and not eating too much, but now she’s doing a little bit better,” said animal caregiver.

Officers took photos of the dog when they arrived on the scene. They discovered her dead puppy lying next to her.

Based on the evidence, officers said someone stuffed them in a sandbag, then tossed them out of the car.

“They definitely treated these animals as if they garbage. They drove to a location in the county which is known to be a dumping ground for unwanted garbage, you know, couches, dryers, things like that,” a police officer said.

The sandbag is now sealed. Officers said the person responsible tied it shut, but the dog escaped by chewing her way out of the bag.

Yet despite the fact that she didn’t suffer any injuries, shelter workers said she’s still grieving over the loss of her puppy- who died of head trauma.

They say she’s had a hard time letting go.

“We had the deceased puppy up on the exam table with her. And during the entire examination the mother dog would walk away from the veterinarian, lick the puppy and then walk back to the veterinarian,” said the officer.

Shelter workers hope to find a home for her soon.

At the same time, they hope the public can help them find out who dumped her and her puppy and why.