Crews rush to patch potholes ahead of next winter storm

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AURORA, Colo. -- The nice weather late last month helped road crews in many cities such as Aurora and Denver, get to fixing up dozens of potholes caused by the constant freeze-thaw cycles the metro area has been experiencing the first two months of 2015.

“We probably get to between 50 and 75 holes a day when the crews can work,” said Heath Walter supervisor with Aurora Public Works. “When residents call in a new hole, if weather permits, we get to it that day.”

The hot patch crews are using is not permanent but will help keep your tires and rims from being wrecked by the often gaping holes that turn up on many roads around metro Denver. In Denver last February, 4,852  holes were filled from January 1 to February 21. This year, because of the January thaw, 9,527 holes got special treatment.

Delivery drivers such as Aaron Awtrey from Marco’s Pizza on East Colfax, says he keeps a pot-hole-mental-road-map in his head when delivering his hot pies.

“I know where every one is on the east side,” Awtrey said. “I have to avoid them … I need my tires and wheels to do my job every day, so keeping track of the worst ones is something I have to do.”

As more warm weather heads our way, the more ruts crews will be able to fix, and that can only be good for our cars, trucks and SUVs.

However, repairs will have to go on hold again as a new blast of cold and snow is forecast to arrive Wednesday afternoon.