14-year-old raped in Denver comes forward, tells story to warn other teen girls

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DENVER -- A 14-year-old girl has found the strength to come forward and talk about what happened to her, in hopes it helps to stop it from happening to other young teens in Denver.

She was brutally attacked, raped in plain view of dozens of windows before the sun went down in a Denver alley last week. It happened off of East 18th Avenue between Pearl and Pennsylvania streets.

She and her mother talked about the ordeal with reporter Justin Joseph. It's taken the family some time and prayer to decide to come forward. The reason: What happened to the teen could happen to any young girl walking home from school.

If you learn anything from her story, it’s that it doesn’t have to be dark to be dangerous.

“I'm not doing so good. Every single day is a roller coaster.”

We’re protecting the girl’s identity because she’s 14 and last Thursday she became a rape survivor.

“The sun was still up. It was time for everyone to be out walking and no one came to help,” she said. “My focus was getting away and getting home telling my mom.”

She hopes her story helps other young women. She was walking home from school through the popular Uptown neighborhood and cut through an alley as she'd done before.

“It happened so fast It’s unbelievable to me.  I used all the precautions my mom taught me. I watched my surroundings and it was so crazy because I didn't see anything around me.”

What happened next lasted only three minutes, but its impact is forever.

The young girl cried repeatedly as she remembered last Thursday.

Underneath the view of nearly 100 windows a man forced her in between the electrical boxes.

“I was screaming,” she said.

He raped her, and no one came to help

Her mother said she still can't believe how brave her daughter is. “I know God will get justice for what this man did,” the girl’s mother said.

Police are still looking for the suspect who attacked her.